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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Immigration Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey 

WiklundKurucuk is a multinational Turkish Immigration Law Firm based in Istanbul specialised in Second Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programs since 1972​.

​WiklundKurucuk specialises in serving non-Turkish businesses and individuals with an immigration lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey in matters related to Immigration Services, Residency, Global Citizenship, Setting up businesses, Property Investment and Asset Management. 

Don't you know how to buy property in Turkey ? WiklundKurucuk immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey can assist you. In addition to explaining the rights for buying property in Turkey and applying for residence permits, our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey are able to provide you with assistance in starting a business in Turkey. They can also provide guidance if you are considering immigration to Türkiye - Turkey.

WiklundKurucuk is an immigration law firm in Istanbul, Turkey with a real estate consultancy in Turkey. We provide both Turkish and foreign investors with comprehensive investment in real estate in Turkey. 

Our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey offer bulletproof investment strategies combined with factual insights into the Turkish real estate industry based on an intimate knowledge of capital appreciation, asset valuation, and the ever-changing market trends. 

Our Turkish Immigration Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey are not restricted by traditional investment boundaries when purchasing, selling, or managing assets and are always in search for innovative solutions to serve our clients. For example, in addition to residential and commercial property listings, we allow buyers to find information on a range of construction projects across Turkey planned by leading builders and developers.

WiklundKurucuk : Provide a comprehensive guide for Real Estate Investment in Turkey with an English-speaking Turkish immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

WiklundKurucuk connects foreign buyers to Turkish developers. We have immigration lawyers in Istanbul,Turkey  who guide you to provide the best in the market, with no hidden fees or commissions, making us a win-win situation for clients and investors. Here are a few reasons that make us ideal from our competitors:

1.    Consultancy and advisory services with immigration lawyers in Istanbul,Turkey 

2.    Transparency and working ethical
3.    Strong network of architects, builders, and developers 
4.    Experience in the Turkish real estate market
5.    Building trust and recognition through consistency
6.    Detailed and current knowledge of Turkish real estate
7.    To maximize customer satisfaction, we provide tailor-made and integrated solutions
8.    Procedures that are fast and immediate
9.    Delivering results of the highest caliber and achieving the best values

Real Estate Investment in Turkey with Extra Property

It is essential to make critical decisions when purchasing properties. Therefore, we provide the most suitable investment deals to our clients by strategically analysing them. Our primary goal is to maintain a quick turnaround time and ensure compliance with Turkish laws and regulations.

A long-term relationship is based on trust and loyalty is available to real estate investors with WiklundKurucuk.

Why Turkey?

Despite the infrastructure revolution, the government's facilities, the development of the medical sector, and giant projects that are taking Turkey from the past into the future, the new Turkey is growing rapidly and confidently. The country rises day after day into the age of stability with the harmony of people and power, and the hearts of its investors fall to it.

Our Team

The experienced Turkish Immigration Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey at WiklundKurucuk provide assistance and guidance to property owners, investors, lenders, and tenants navigating inherent market complexities. We back our real estate consulting services very strongly by accumulating qualitative and quantitative data in-house. 

In our capacity as independent and unbiased advisors, our services are aligned with property buyers' lifestyle preferences and requirements. As a result, top-tier private, public, institutional, and stakeholder entities and real estate developers are represented by our company in Turkey, and our listings are of the highest standard. 

We have earned accolades for being one of Turkey's most trusted real estate consultancies because of our steadfast commitment to providing remunerative real estate investment solutions. 

In our opinion, Turkey is a great investment destination. It's also a refuge for tourists and a place to hope for investors.

Turkey is like your second home, where the people are your family, and the country is yours no matter where you are. 

Why pick WiklundKurucuk ?

You will no longer have to sift through overwhelming search results and dubious community forums. Instead, you will be able to speak directly to an expert lawyer who specializes in your subject matter.

As a team, we have created expertise in many subjects. On the other hand, our partners are very attentive to every step of the services we offer.

We provide legal consultancy services with our immigration lawyers in Istanbul,Turkey to its clients where you will get the assistance of an expert and experienced lawyers.

Want to get the best legal assistance from our Turkish Immigration Lawyers ? WiklundKurucuk is right here for you.

Contact us for more information and an informed guide through the legal process in Turkey.

English-Speaking Turkish Immigration Lawyer Istanbul 

What traits do you look for when choosing a English-speaking Turkish Immigration law firm in Istanbul,Turkey ? Unsurpassable expertise and experience? An assistance of innovative mindset? A worldwide presence? You need it all!

Since 1972, WiklundKurucuk is a dynamic Turkish legal firm with experienced immigration lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey proficient in several legal areas, providing practical solutions to domestic and international clients.

With a team of top immigration attorneys in Istanbul, Turkey and proprietary technology, WiklundKurucuk, a high-quality Turkish Law Firm brings:

1.    Efficiency
2.    Transparency
3.    Collaboration to the legal process

Covering new ideas

We provide a long-term perspective, covering new ideas and actively identifying new trends. As a result, we have a deep understanding of our client's business needs and frame our work processes to meet their current and future requirements. The ambition of our Turkish law firm is to continue to set the new standard for immigration and investment law.

The Team At WiklundKurucuk 

Immigration Lawyers in Istanbul,Turkey at WiklundKurucuk are a team of individuals who have internalized the superiority of law and justice. The rights of clients always come first.

As part of our role as a proxy, we are responsible for representing our esteemed clientele in accordance with confidentiality and care. In every decision our team make, we consider the reputation and recognition of our clients.

WiklundKurucuk as English-speaking Turkish Immigration Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey is committed to providing its clients with honest and reliable service. Our team believes being audited reflects our honesty and reliability.  

In addition to immigration attorneys in Istanbul,Turkey, educators, financial advisors, industry experts, and technical consultants, WiklundKurucuk is a strong team of international experts. We believe that a quick solution is the best approach as a team. Quality and rationality are the only exceptions to that principle.

In addition to being intelligent and driven, our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey  are creative and passionate. A fast-paced, dynamic and forward-thinking environment is home to a talented team that takes pride in their work.

The only way to provide excellent service is to be up-to-date and dynamic. Considering the competitive nature of today's world, we are an organization that continues to stay abreast of legal and financial trends while integrating innovative thinking can succeed.

Our Mission :

We provide our clients with representation, services, and strategic advice to facilitate the global hiring and movement of skilled talent.

Client Driven Services

WiklundKurucuk offers various services regardless of where you are, where you are going, or what your immigration needs are over time.


When it comes to Turkish immigration procedures, Turkish immigration-related strategic planning, efficiency, quality management, compliance, government relations, reporting, or case management and processing, WiklundKurucuk Law Firm and our English-speaking immigration lawyers in Istanbul Turkey is the partner you can trust to be your trusted strategic partner.

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Turkish Immigration Lawyer Istanbul

Turkey's Citizenship by Investment Program is popular globally because of its great benefits. So, are you looking to acquire Turkish citizenship? WiklundKurucuk can assist you!

WiklundKurucuk was established in 1972 as one of the leading Turkish Immigration Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey. As a top immigration law firm in Istanbul, Turkey we specialize in real estate and infrastructure cases. With years of experience as a Turkish Immigration law firm in Istanbul, Turkey , WiklundKurucuk is among the leading Turkish Immigration Law Firms in Istanbul, Turkey in the industry since it was one of the first to offer advice on Turkish Citizenship by Investment.


Are you planning to travel the world without any hassle? Or are you looking to expand your business or seek new opportunities in Turkey? However, you also place a high value on keeping your investment intact. Living in Turkey will grant you a second nationality and allow you to travel the world, including 120+ visa-free countries.


The procedure is divided into three (three) phases: investing, obtaining a residency permit, and becoming a Turkish citizen. In the example below, we are considering a scenario in which the applicant selects the most preferred application; and invests in real estate. 

1.    Selection of Investment
2.    Bank Account Opening, Payments & Title Deed
3.    Submission of Application
4.    Evaluation of The Application
5.    Approval & After Citizenship


•    A Turkish CBI program can be applied for by investing USD 400,000 in real estate and including a clause that ensures the property will not be sold for at least 3 (three) years in the title deed.

•    In accordance with the regulation, the chosen property must be evaluated by companies authorized by the Turkish Capital Market Board before it can be purchased. 

•    According to the evaluation, the applicant will be able to complete the purchase of the property's cost is more than USD 400,000. 

•    The conformity certificate for the investment shall be requested and collected from the relevant authority. 


•    If the conformity certificate is submitted along with the related documents, the applicant is required to apply for a special residency permit.

•    We schedule an interview with the Migration Authority that all applicants are required to attend in person (or be represented by an attorney). 

•    The Migration Authority issues a residency permit within two weeks of receiving the required documentation and completing the interview.


After the Directorate approves the residency permit of Civil Registration and Nationality, our team collects and prepares final documentation for application submission. 

After checking the documents, the Directorate sends the documents to the General Directorate, which runs an investigation on the background of the applicant with the National Intelligence Service, Financial Crimes Investigation Board, and Security General Directorate.

In the event that the investigation is successful, the application will be forwarded to the Presidency of the Turkish Republic for finalization. The applicant becomes a citizen of Turkey following the decision of the Presidency.


1.    Choosing the deposit option provides a significant rate of interest; choosing the real estate investment option enables collecting rents over a period of 3 (three) years and ultimately selling the property at a higher price.

2.    Turkish citizenship laws allow each individual to have more than one citizenship. There are no acceptance conditions requiring an applicant to give up their previous citizenship.

3.    Citizenship in Turkey is hereditary from the date of acquisition. Thus, the beneficiary can pass on all rights and privileges to their heirs. (Exception: Children are over 18 years of age)

4.    Additionally, the spouse and dependent children of the applicant may benefit from the application for citizenship. 

5.    The Turkish passport holder can currently visit 68 countries totally visa-free, and 38 countries can grant Turkish passport holders visas on arrival, in addition to countries for which an "e-visa" is offered.

A popular tourist destination, Turkey's location facilitates connectivity with key markets via excellent transportation links making it a major transcontinental country. Istanbul, Turkey's largest city and main commercial and cultural center, is the leading global city, although Ankara is the country's capital.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Launch: January 2017

This program attracts foreign direct investment and boosts growth in the country's real estate market, as well as allowing applicants to make a range of different economic contributions to Turkish society through the program.

The Bosphorus Strait, which connects Europe and Asia in Istanbul, makes Turkey a transcontinental Eurasian country. Its geostrategic significance stems from its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program: Benefits

1.    An applicant's family members were also granted full citizenship

2.    For a renewable five-year period, eligibility for an E-2 Investor Visa in the USA

3.    An Eurasian country as a hub between Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East can be accessed by way of transcontinental trade

4.    Access to 110 destinations without a visa or a visa on arrival (countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore)

5.    A low cost of living and a mild Mediterranean climate for citizens of a Mediterranean nation

Requirements of Turkey citizenship by investment

The main applicant needs to fulfil one of the following investment requirements to qualify for Turkish citizenship:


  • Own real estate property of worth USD 400,000 (at least) 

  • Investment in fixed capital contribution of USD 500,000 (at least)

  • Deposit in Turkish bank account of at least USD 500,000 (this investment include equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira)

  • Commit government bonds of at least USD 500,000 

  • Have real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share of at least USD 500,000 

  • Employ at least 50 people, as certified by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services

In addition to the main applicant, a spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 may apply as well as children of any age, including children living with disabilities.

Procedure of the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

As soon as the family has decided the investment option they wish to select, an application for a residence permit shall be made on their behalf. Next, the main applicant must open a bank account in Turkey.

The investment can be completed and the applications submitted to the government when all application documents have been prepared. The government will review the application and may call for an interview once the application has been received.

Time frame of the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Typically, citizenship documents are issued within 120 days of your citizenship application being accepted, following which you can apply for a passport.

Hire now the experienced Turkish Immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey for hassle free Turkish citizenship!

WiklundKurucuk is providing outstanding services of the highest quality, an experienced Turkish Immigration Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey  specializing in different legal fields, and an in-house consultant working closely with international experts from top universities and research institutes.

Contact us for more details!

Turkish Citizenship by Investment
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"You will no longer have to sift through overwhelming search results and dubious community forums. Instead, you will be able to speak directly to an expert lawyer who specializes in your subject matter."

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